The [Loft] Office List


By nature of our jobs, the WMSE staff is constantly surrounded by music. We thought you might like to know what we’re currently listening to. Erin: Matthew E. White, Fresh Blood, Domino Listen Matt: Torche, Restarter, Relapse Listen Tom: We Will Fail, Verstorung 2.0, Monotype Listen Sidney: Matt and Kim, New Glow, Fader Listen Jay:… Read more »

Local/Live: March 10 – Dryhouse Ruins


Dryhouse Ruins parts are more recognizable than their sum: Damian Strigens currently of Testa Rosa and formerly of Field Report and many more, Jim Warchol, formerly of Sometime Sweet Susan and currently of Death Blues, and Jeff Mitchell, formerly of Field Report and known around town for his solo material, all come together to form… Read more »

Out This Week: March 2, 2015


Dear music lovers and WMSE listeners – this is your brief, weekly look at what’s new:   Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, After, Mom + Pop Matthew E. White, Fresh Blood, Domino self-release lowercase letters, lowercase letters, self-released Go Betty Go, Reboot, self-released Purity Ring, Another Eternity, 4AD Summer Cannibals, Show Us Your Mind, New Moss Of Montreal, Aureate Gloom, Polyvinyl Moon Duo, Shadow of the Sun, Sacred Bones

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