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The [Loft] Office List


By nature of our jobs, the WMSE staff is constantly surrounded by music. We thought you might like to know what we’re currently listening to. Erin: Peach Kelli Pop, III, Burger Listen Matt: Miami Horror, All Possible Futures, Dine Alone Listen Tom: Le Orme, Felona and Soronoa, Universal Listen Sidney: Winter Bear, “Jump Into the… Read more »

Local/Live: April 28 – Gauss


Formed in 2012, Gauss is Eddie Chapman, Andy Grygiel, James Brickner and John Larkin. They take their name from Carl Friedrich Gauss, a 19th century German mathematician whose impact can be seen in numerous scientific disciplines. Inspired by his exploration of electromagnetic fields, the band uses their songwriting to manipulate sonic tendencies, drawing from and… Read more »

Weekly Top Airplay: April 21, 2015

WMSE’s program hosts constantly search through the latest releases, and feature the best in all genres on their weekly shows. At WMSE, there is no Program Director creating daily playlists, so what you hear is a reflection of the knowledge, interests, and personalities of our dedicated on-air staff. The albums on the weekly Top Airplay list… Read more »

Out This Week: April 21, 2015


Dear music lovers and WMSE listeners – this is your brief, weekly look at what’s new: Peach Kelli Pop, III, Burger Squarepusher, Damogen Furies, Warp Built to Spill, Untethered Moon, Warner Brothers Torres, Sprinter, Partisan Death, N.E.W., Drag City Marriages, Salome, Sargent House They Might Be Giants, Glean, Megaforce San Fermin, Jackrabbit, Downtown Speedy Ortiz, Foil Deer, Carpark

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