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Weekly Top Airplay: March 24, 2015


WMSE’s program hosts constantly search through the latest releases, and feature the best in all genres on their weekly shows. At WMSE, there is no Program Director creating daily playlists, so what you hear is a reflection of the knowledge, interests, and personalities of our dedicated on-air staff. The albums on the weekly Top Airplay list… Read more »

Out This Week: March 24, 2015


Dear music lovers and WMSE listeners – this is your brief, weekly look at what’s new: Jeff the Brotherhood, Wasted On the Dream, Infinity Cat Great Lake Swimmers, A Forest Of Arms, Nettwerk Courtney Barnett, Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit, Mom + Pop Modest Mouse, Strangers to Ourselves, Epic Chastity Belt, Time to Go Home, Hardly… Read more »

#wmse34 – Jon Blick of the Overnight Sensations


About the photo: Freshman year of high school, 1970. Who was the first artist you played as a WMSE DJ ? First Song on Overnight Sensations, April 2, 2009 (six years coming up soon) was Old 97s, “Dressing Room Walls”, from the album Wreck Your Life.  I remember nothing after that. Who was the first… Read more »

The [Loft] Office List


By nature of our jobs, the WMSE staff is constantly surrounded by music. We thought you might like to know what we’re currently listening to. Erin: Grimes, “REALiTi” [single], self-released Listen Tom: Todd Terje, It’s Album Time With…Olsen Records Listen Jay: Group Of the Altos, R U Person Or Not, mini50 Records Listen Chris: Various… Read more »

#wmse34 – Scott Lucey of Digital Dumplings in Analog Gravy


About the photo: I don’t have much in the teenager years; only younger. Who was the first artist you played as a WMSE DJ ? I believe it was DJ Shadow’s Entroducing… Who was the first musician/band you remember interviewing at WMSE? First interview was 2014 with Bahamas.

#wmse34 – Haven of Wave Tank


About the photo: Tenth grade. As you can see, I’ve been an intense person for many years now. Ha. Who was the first artist you played as a WMSE DJ ? Unfortunately I don’t remember what the track or artist was that I played on the air back in 2001. Who was the first musician/band you remember interviewing… Read more »

#wmse34 – Bob Midnight of Midnight Radio

Bob Midnight and Microphone (2)

About the photo: We call this one “Bob Midnight and Microphone”. Who was the first artist you played as a WMSE DJ? One of the earliest bands I remember playing was James. Representing WMSE, I introduced them, onstage, at the WOMAD Festival at the Summerfest grounds on Septemer 12, 1993. Who was the first first… Read more »

#wmse34 – Marty of Tuesdays With Marty


About the photo: 7th grade; I found WMSE that summer. I was 11 going on 12. Little did I know that music I first heard would guide me through some of the toughest times of my life – my teen years. Thanks, WMSE! Who was the first artist you played as a WMSE DJ ?… Read more »

#wmse34 – Erin Wolf of the Rockleidoscope Show


About the photo: Taken not too long before I started DJing at WMSE in 2004… What is the first song you remember playing on the air on WMSE (or first artist or album)? “Evangeline” by Matthew Sweet. I had a slight thing for power pop back then; guitars, in general. Played on August (?) of… Read more »