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Recap: Bon Iver at The Riverside, 10/11/09

Last evening, the much-heralded, world-traveled Bon Iver [Justin Vernon] returned home to Wisconsin for a cap on an extensive tour. Vernon received a proper celebratory welcome at the vast Riverside Theater. His final song of the evening, “Wolves”, began with shout-outs to his fans and current Volcano Choir collaborators (Milwaukee’s Collections of Colonies of Bees) and eased into… Read more »

WMSE DJ Scott Lucey Tells Us What’s What in New Music

  WMSE DJ Scott Lucey (Wednesdays, 6 a.m. – 9 a.m.) said this, “‘If you put a shotgun to Scott Lucey’s head and told him to give you his freshest music, it’d go like this’.” So, in a nutshell, that’s what this is. Maybe you’ll find some new favorites (can’t deny the awesome weirdness of Slaraffenland!)?… Read more »

Tonight at Club Garibaldi’s

    Who: Yussuf Jerusalem (Paris, France) What: a show with Thomas Function (Alabama), Sticks ‘n Stones (MKE), Uh-Oh(MKE), the Get Drunk DJ’s When: 10 p.m. Where: Club Garibaldi’s (2501 S. Superior) Why: to catch two of the most talented international/national bands in modern garage rock. To catch two of Milwaukee’s most energetic acts. Because Yussuf Jerusalem just played at Glenn Danzig’s house in Nashville last month — what… Read more »

Chris Denny and the Natives, Live on WMSE Today

  Just shy of fifteen minutes (that’s 2:15 p.m.), all the way from Little Rock, Arkansas,Chris Denny and the Natives will be showcasing their tightly-honed twang and sweet squalor over the airwaves on Dori’s show. The band is en route to the Turner Hall Ballroom for a performance tonight at 7 p.m. — part of their Daytrotter Barnstormer tour which is FREE… Read more »

A ‘Jenefit’?

Yes. A Jenefit; as in local hairdresser, Jen Skladanek. As we all know, being a hairdresser requires deftness and dexterity of both hands and arms. Imagine the chance occurance of a broken arm if you are said hairdresser. Not good for business, right? Luckily for Skladanek, she has creative and caring pals to kick both… Read more »

Jazzin’ it Up With Pete Zimmer

“Pete Zimmer, 29, has learned his New York lessons well, as his dry tone, meaty swing beat and subtle accents make him an old hand” said Down Beat of the young jazz percussionist’s 2008 performance on Chillin’ Live @ Jazz Factory. Zimmer made an appearance today on Dr. Sushi’s Free Jazz BBQ (Tuesdays, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.)… Read more »

Lunchtime Lowdown

Earlier this summer, WMSE began an innovative lunchtime tradition to rival even the original innovator of the traditional brown paper bag (what else but the lunchbox, of course)? Everyone knows that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and in our case, we’ve packed a lunchbox for our listeners full of a good balance of healthy and… Read more »

Hope Sandoval at the Pabst Theatre This Sunday…

This Sunday brings Hope Sandoval, the ethereal-voiced vocalist of the 90s’ Mazzy Starto The Pabst for a performance with her group the Warm Inventions. Sandoval has just released her first new album since 2001′s Bavarian Fruit Bread, called Through the Devil Softly, on which she collaborates with drummer Colm O’Ciosig of My Bloody Valentine. NME says that Through the Devil Softly “Sounds like Billie Holiday’s final… Read more »

Welcome to Sonic Diet: The Blog

Welcome to the new face of Sonic Diet, which faithfully, in e-newsletter form, has been making its way into your email inboxes nearly each and every week since the Fall of 2008. We at WMSE, figured you get enough emails as it is in your collective inboxes, so why not turn over all this musical content into the proverbial… Read more »