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Musical Sustenance

Happy Thanksgiving week, WMSE listeners! We hope that your holiday is filled with good times, good food and lots of good music. We’re helping take care of that last part by capably filling the airwaves with delicious sounds throughout the holiday (tune in to hear delicious tunes tomorrow from Grasscutter Andy from both 9 a.m. –… Read more »

Tonight: AA Bondy (Oh, and Jesus Lizard and Electric 6, too)

  Tonight couldn’t get much busier for the fine folks at WMSE Radio (we’re sponsoring not one, not two, but THREE shows!): the Jesus Lizard is at Turner, Electric 6 is at Mad Planet and AA Bondy will be at Club Garibaldi’s. How do we manage to be in three places at the same time? Magic, my friends. Magic. Whichever show you choose to see tonight, make sure to… Read more »

Tonight on Local/Live: 2morrow Evr After

Tonight’s guest on Local/Live is 2morrow Evr After, formed from the ashes of famed local legends Woolton Parrish. Power-pop rock is makes it back around again with this five-piece of veteran rockers who have a few more rocking riffs up their collective sleeves, yet. In a recent interview with Info Magazine, vocalist/guitarist Stacy Maloney  mentions that he and his band mates… Read more »

Local Lunchbox Round-Up

Every weekday, Local Lunchbox focuses on the tasty, local audio treats, we, at WMSE have stashed on our awesome library shelves. Faux Eyes, Erin, Melissa, Dori and Buzz spin local rock, pop,  experimental, country, hip hop, metal, noise and garage tunes to keep you, the listener, on the up and up about your old favorites and new… Read more »

Tom Wanderer’s Rolling Stones Blues

The Blues Drive on WMSE features the best of the new and the cream of the crop of the old-school blues every weekday on WMSE. Some blues DJs choose to pick through the new stacks. Some find revisiting the past the best place to share the artists that turned them onto the genre years ago. Cosmo Cruz… Read more »

Brendan Benson/Cory Chisel Stop at Exclusive Co. Before Playing Turner Hall Tonight

Remember Brendan Benson? Yeah, he’s the dude from The Raconteurs, but before he traded riffs with Jack White and Co. he was penning hook-y pop songs left and right on his own, winning the affections of fans of his own with his super-catchy and big-chorded songs on his early 2000′s releases Lapalco and The Alternative to Love. Benson will be… Read more »

Tonight on Local/Live: Sharapova

Lo-fi music often gets reined into the sub-three minute category, but Milwaukee’s Sharapova has found a way around this outdated idea. The quartet delves into compositions that reach around the five minute mark, exploring intricate drum and guitar patterns, patronizing the minor chord like the proper post-punk/noise group that they are. Don’t expect impromptu tennis matches in… Read more »

Dinosaur Jr.’s New Era of Rock

  Dinosaur Jr. may have banded together well over two decades ago, but their latest release, Farm, has proven that nothing has shaken loose over that course, despite band mate flip-flops and a brief hiatus in the late 90′s/early 00′s. One of the first bands to make it big in the burgeoning indie alternative scene in the 80′s… Read more »

Jay Ryan Tonight at the Sugar Maple and Live, On WMSE Today

Chicago artist/musician [Dianogah] Jay Ryan’s silkscreen print shop The Bird Machine churns out poster magickry as though it were the most natural thing in the world.  Storybook scenes, odd animals and creatures peep out of the corners of posterboard etched with the names of notable indie bands such as Death Cab for Cutie,Andrew Bird, Mudhoney, the Sea and Cake, Low and Built to Spill make Ryan’s work both eye-catching and dream-inducing. Milwaukee… Read more »