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#wmse34 – The Blues Drive – Sonia


About the photo:  It’s from the 1980’s What was the first song you played as a WMSE DJ? The first song that I played on WMSE may have been Charlie Parker’s “Milestones.” Who was your first interview? The first interview that I did for WMSE may have been Greg Kihn (mid-1990’s). I found out that… Read more »

#wmse34 – DJ Ed Griggs


About the photo: Take in the 5th Grade What is the first song you remember playing on the air on WMSE (or first artist or album)? Since I’ve only just started as a DJ, this question si not that relevant to me. What IS relevant is the first gig at the TWCC that I ever… Read more »

#wmse34 – The Zero Hour’s Andy


About the photo: Taken in 8th Grade What is the first song you remember playing on the air on WMSE (or first artist or album)? Zero Hour – The Plimsouls What is the first musician or band you remember interviewing? What year? Derek Dunn from the .357 String Band.  It was my first show at noon… Read more »

#WMSE34 – Good John – Chicken Shack


About the photo: The picture is from my senior year in high school..  What was the first song you played? The first song I played when I filled in on the Chickenshack for the first time was “No Depression In Heaven” by The Carter Family.  Who was your first interview?  My most memorable interview was… Read more »

#wmse34 – The Chicken Shack’s Jonny Z

14 year old Jon

About the photo:  The photo that I am providing is from the first performance with my first band that I ever had. It was right around the time of my 15th birthday, I may have been 14 or a very fresh 15 years old. First song you played as a WMSE DJ? I don’t really remember the first song that… Read more »

#wmse34 – Rich Mars – City Rock Showgram

Rich Mars

Who was your first interview as a WMSE DJ ? That would have been the drummer for the Romantics – Jimmy Marinos – right after their hit “What I Like About You.” Who was the first artist you played and what was the song? It was 1981 and I played Madness – “One Step Beyond…. Read more »

#wmse34 – Wax Addicts – Mickey


What was the first song or artist you played as a WMSE DJ?  I cannot recall the first song I played on air.  But one my best memories was from beginning at the station was when I volunteered for Scott Lucey’s show.  I was answering phones for the most part but I also brought my… Read more »