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Tonight On Local/Live: Salt Creek

“Bad Ass Bluegrass Truck Drivin’ Music” is how Salt Creek describes itself. The local quartet has a definite Bluegrass sound and appeal, but naturally adds different genres from each band members’ experiences and musical roots in every type of outfit from jazz to rock. Founded in the early 00′s, Salt Creek’s members: Colin O’Brien [fiddle, guitars, vocals], Guy Fiorentini [bass,… Read more »

Tonight On Local/Live: On the Porch

Inspirations of Dylan, Tweedy, Young and Springsteen — some of music’s most notable heavyhitters — come to life in Milwaukee-based trio On the Porch. Scott Hanson, Chris Bausch and Michael Hieb have been creating their folk-rock compositions together for a couple years, but have recently started playing out, joining forces with artists such Heligoats and Bryan Cherry. Hanson, with the aid… Read more »

Tonight on Local/Live: 2morrow Evr After

Tonight’s guest on Local/Live is 2morrow Evr After, formed from the ashes of famed local legends Woolton Parrish. Power-pop rock is makes it back around again with this five-piece of veteran rockers who have a few more rocking riffs up their collective sleeves, yet. In a recent interview with Info Magazine, vocalist/guitarist Stacy Maloney  mentions that he and his band mates… Read more »

Tonight on Local/Live: Sharapova

Lo-fi music often gets reined into the sub-three minute category, but Milwaukee’s Sharapova has found a way around this outdated idea. The quartet delves into compositions that reach around the five minute mark, exploring intricate drum and guitar patterns, patronizing the minor chord like the proper post-punk/noise group that they are. Don’t expect impromptu tennis matches in… Read more »

Tonight on Local/Live: Rehyn

Local pianist/vocalist Rehyn (Ren) brings a skill and experience to her youthful compositions,  unique to most youthful singer/songwriters, her knack for storytelling from the heart apparent in her 2008 EP A Time to Fly. Rehyn demonstrates her capability to be quite comfortable adding a little brassy soul to her pop, too. Listen to Rehyn, live on WMSE tonight for… Read more »

Tonight on Local/Live: Decapitado

Anyone who caught the blistering set by Decapitado at WMSE’s Radio Summer Camp this past summer, were probably picking their collective  jaws up off the floor from the utter intensity of the group, three-strong. After getting those jaws in working order, probably came the exclamation, ‘wait…isn’t that they guy from Die Kreuzen?’. Yep. Former Die Kreuzen founder and… Read more »

Lunchtime Lowdown

Earlier this summer, WMSE began an innovative lunchtime tradition to rival even the original innovator of the traditional brown paper bag (what else but the lunchbox, of course)? Everyone knows that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and in our case, we’ve packed a lunchbox for our listeners full of a good balance of healthy and… Read more »