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This Saturday, James Chance live on WMSE

James Chance, the former Milwaukeean with various monikers (his birth name is James Siegfried, but he was also known as James White), was an important figure in the genre of No Wave, adding his jazz saxophone background and experience into his music of choice, art-punk, in the late ’90s in bands such as Teenage Jesus & the… Read more »

Hip Hop Hooray for WMSE’s Holiday Programming

WMSE’s specialty programs are a great testament to our DJs’ great personal record collections and to their creative minds: Dori’s ‘W’, ‘M’, ‘S’, ‘E’ shows, Shopkeeper Ken’s ‘back to school’ themed show, Radio Drill Time’s audio collections of  Scottish pop and Alien Andre’s alphabetized programs are all well-thought out and fun ways to absorb both new and old… Read more »

It’s The Lab Partners

words by Dwellephant I really want to swear, but I can’t (rules being rules and all). I want to swear in that way where you mean nothing but the best. The way you swear when you see something amazing– like a 96-yard punt return with six seconds left on the clock in the final moments of… Read more »

Shine a Light: Mulatu Astatke

WMSE’s broad spectrum programming is renowned: folk, jazz, blues, alternative, hip hop, classical and more is what one can expect on any given day, but we at WMSE realize you can’t catch it all. That’s why we’re here to shine a light on some of the best and most intriguing new sounds that you might hear… Read more »

WMSE is On the Patch for Our One-Day Drive!

You’ve heard all about it on the WMSE airwaves — if you’re not on the patch this year, things might be a bit rough. What patch? Huh? This is one patch you don’t get from your doctor…unless he/she is a doctor of the radio variety. So, how do you find out more? The fine radio doctors at… Read more »

Stop by Hot*Pop This Friday for Hot and Fresh Local Vinyl

Release shows are naturally celebratory, but local musician Pezzettino (Margaret Stutt) knows more than anyone that all that hard work warrants a total party — especially when vinyl is involved. This Friday, Stutt releases her first wax tracks, with special attention going to her new single, “You Never Know”, of which the song (and video above), documents… Read more »

Mashing it Up With the Hood Internet

The way of the mash-up is something that Milwaukee is familiar with judging by the huge turnout for the in-the-limelight, one-man-show of Girl Talk’s 2008 election night gala. The crowd not only came and saw, they participated in Girl Talk’s high energy mixing, hovering and dancing over and around the skinny  kid in the sweatband as he… Read more »

Musical Sustenance

Happy Thanksgiving week, WMSE listeners! We hope that your holiday is filled with good times, good food and lots of good music. We’re helping take care of that last part by capably filling the airwaves with delicious sounds throughout the holiday (tune in to hear delicious tunes tomorrow from Grasscutter Andy from both 9 a.m. –… Read more »

Local Lunchbox Round-Up

Every weekday, Local Lunchbox focuses on the tasty, local audio treats, we, at WMSE have stashed on our awesome library shelves. Faux Eyes, Erin, Melissa, Dori and Buzz spin local rock, pop,  experimental, country, hip hop, metal, noise and garage tunes to keep you, the listener, on the up and up about your old favorites and new… Read more »