Why should you support WMSE Radio?

WMSE is a unique, award-winning music radio station licensed by the Milwaukee School of Engineering and operating as a department of MSOE, but financially independent of the university. WMSE Radio, 91.7 FM has been broadcasting for over 31 years. WMSE is made possible financially with the support of volunteers, local businesses, and of course, our contributing listeners.

What is membership at WMSE?

Contributions from active members make up over two thirds of WMSE’s annual operating budget. That means that WMSE really is listener supported radio! Every dollar that the station receives from listeners who enjoy WMSE’s programming goes towards helping WMSE sustain and grow. It’s also the only way to get the WMSE Member Benefits Card which is our way of saying thank you for your member support of community powered radio. For an annual contribution of just $10, WMSE hooks you up with:

  • Member Benefits Card and a bunch of discounts at our awesome underwriting partners (Complete list of partners and discounts)
  • First chance ticket offers for WMSE events
  • Access to exclusive member-only ticket giveaways
  • Access to exclusive member events.

You support community-powered radio with a monthly contribution and community-powered radio says thank you, big time!

What is the Sound Citizen sustaining program?

A sustaining gift is a simple convenient way to support WMSE year round! WMSE Sound Citizens make ongoing monthly recurring gifts to the station for as they they desire.  Sound Citizens provide sustainable year round revenue to WMSE and are not sent renewal notices saving the station costly mailings. Show your support for WMSE and become a Sound Citizen today.

Do it for your radio freedom!

Is my membership contribution tax deductible?

Yes. MSOE is a 501(c)(3) organization and your financial support is considered a charitable gift. The total amount of your donation minus the Fair Market Value of any thank you gift(s) you may have selected and is deductible for your tax purposes.

When is my membership up for renewal?

WMSE uses a giving model that is based on an annual cycle. An example of this model is: If your first membership gift is on June 17, 2014, your active membership would expire on June, 17 2015. WMSE mails renewal statements beginning three months before your expiration date as a courtesy to all of our active members. Monthly sustaining memberships automatically renew saving the station costly renewal reminders. Sustaining memberships can be stopped at any time.

WMSE Day Sponsor FAQ

What is a Day Sponsor?

By contributing $240 or more, WMSE donors are entitled to “sponsor” a day on WMSE Radio, in which a personal message of their choosing will be broadcast eight times on the air throughout the day and night on the date of their choice (providing that no other sponsor has already reserved that date).

How do I become eligible for a Day Sponsorship?

Day Sponsorships are available for a gift of $240 and greater and are available by contacting WMSE’s Development Director, Jay Burseth at 414-277-7556 or burseth@msoe.edu.

How many times will my message be announced on the air?

Your message will be broadcast eight times on the date of your choice (provided your date is not already reserved or falls during a membership drive).

How much notice do you require to get my message on the air?

We require a minimum of 14 days notice so we have time to get your message approved, produced and scheduled.

How long can my Day Sponsorship message be?

Day Sponsorship messages must fit within our content guidelines and must be no longer than 15 seconds in length when read in an even, unhurried manner.

Can multiple scripts be written and broadcast on the day of my sponsorship?

No. Only one message is allowed as a part of a Day Sponsorship.

Can I make an anonymous Day Sponsorship?

No. WMSE policy states that the person or persons making the donation must agree to have their first and last name read on the air (i.e. Today’s programming is made possible in part by [your name]).

Can I donate my Day Sponsorship?

Day Sponsorships are non-transferable; the on-air announcement must list the name of the person or persons making the donation. However, if you wish to honor an organization or group with your Day Sponsorship you may wish to have your message honor the work of the organization or the work of the staff of the organization: “Today’s WMSE programming is made possible in part by Mark and Sally Jones, in recognition of the American Red Cross.” Or “Today’s WMSE programming is made possible in part by Suzie Smith, in honor of the hard-working staff and volunteers of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.”

My business/charity/school is sponsoring an event; can I use my Day Sponsorship to announce the event?

Day Sponsorships must be personal, non-commercial and non-promotional in nature. Therefore we cannot use a Day Sponsorship to announce times, dates or locations of any event. Occasionally we may air a message in recognition of the staff of an organization sponsoring an event, such as: “Today’s WMSE programming is made possible in part by Robert Davis, in recognition of the staff and volunteers working at the 2010 Ride for The Arts.”

Can my business/non-profit organization purchase a Day Sponsorship?

Day Sponsorships are intended for individual donors who prefer to have a personal message announced on the air. If an individual at a business or non-profit would like to make a donation to WMSE and then use their Day Sponsorship to recognize the work of their colleagues we will try to accommodate your request. The message must be personal in nature, such as: “Today’s WMSE programming is made possible in part by Krista McDaniels, in recognition of the dedicated staff of the Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum.”

How will I know what times my message will be on the air?

Once we have received your message and your Day Sponsorship has been scheduled, Jason Mohr will contact you with the times your message is scheduled to be on the air. Please make sure you give an email address or a day-time phone number when you submit your message so we have a way to contact you.

Can you make sure my message is broadcast during my favorite program?

Yes. If there is available room within the program, we can schedule your message one time during your favorite program.

Does a Day Sponsorship have a fair market value? (Will a Day Sponsorship affect the tax deductibility of my donation?)

No. Day Sponsorships do not have a fair market value and therefore do not affect tax deductibility of your contribution.

Who has final approval of what can be broadcast on the air?

WMSE management has the final approval of the text on all Day Sponsorship messages.

I have another question not covered in your FAQ:

Please contact WMSE’s Development Director, Jay Burseth at 414-277-7556 or burseth@msoe.edu.

What happened to the Radio Roast?

Radio Roast is Back and we here at WMSE are thrilled to continue our partnership with our long-time friends at Anodyne Coffee! But instead of pledging for a Radio Roast coupon, Anodyne will simply be donating a portion of all in-store (2920 S Kinnickinnic) salse of Radio Roast to WMSE. Anodyne has donated literally more than one ton of the beans, which has raised over $10,000 for the station since 2001, and now they have found a great and new way to continue supporting WMSE.

Employer Matching Gifts

Because WMSE Radio is an educational non-profit organization, many employers will recognize your financial contribution by matching and sometimes doubling, or even tripling your donation. Simply check with your human resources department or manager today to receive a copy of your employer’s matching gift form. It’s as easy as completing the form and sending it back to WMSE for authorization. Has your company made a matching gift to WMSE or MSOE? Search Now.