The Richard Nice Show

with Dick Nice and Ryan
Thursday 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM


Dick Nice is a seasoned professional. A radio DJ’s DJ. A pro’s pro. He just kind of has a problem showing up, so Ryan often ends up filling in with something like 70% new independent music right off the shelves laced with 30% of a combination of Nina Simone, Leonard Cohen, what’s important around the world, plus old and new hip-hop favorites. The Richard Nice show always strives for a healthy balance of down tempo, Buckner/Callahan-like modern folkies and upbeat dance/indie-pop (Radiation City-ish), garage rockers (Ty Segall is his own genre) and dead-ahead rockers (The Men), psych-colored indie (Woods, The Spyrals) and country-tinged vibrancy (Those Darlins, Moondoggies), and whole lot more.