The Tiny Film Invasion

with Blyth Meier (5'2), Megan Benedict (5'1'') and Kristopher Pollard (tall)
Thursday 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM


The Tiny Film Invasion is your weekly dose of American & International independent film talk every Thursday at Noon hosted by Blyth Meier (previously co-hosted by Angela Catalano before her move to New Orleans to start a cinema), Megan Benedict, and Kristopher Pollard. Tiny tackles all things cinematic from film industry news and favorite soundtracks to nerdy techy stuff and rad women directors. Blyth and Megan have a long history of being tiny, and loving film. At 5’2″, Blyth was always placed in the front row of school choir. She earned her MFA in filmmaking from UW-Milwaukee, has screened her films internationally, and is the Marketing Director for Milwaukee Film. No current or past Tiny wears high heels, ’cause you know, THEY EMBRACE THE TINY. And they don’t wear shoes while on air.



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