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Rock-N-Roll Bowl II Results


A very big heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Rock-N-Roll Bowl! What started out as a a seed of an idea by volunteer Brian Janssen has blossomed into a yearly event. Thank you DJs: Erin Wolf, Marty and Faux Eyes for keeping the energy up with your amazing tunes! So in case… Read more »

Vendors Wanted for the WMSE Record Ruckus


WMSE is hosting a Record Ruckus and you are invited… Join us on Sunday, August 2 from 10AM – 4PM at the MSOE Kern Center for our first ever Record Ruckus! We are currently looking for vendors who deal in anything music related – gear, vinyl, art, studio equipment and stereos. If you have something… Read more »

#wmse34- Mary – Instrumental Saturdays


What is the first song you remember playing on the air on WMSE (or first artist or album)?   The very first song that I played on WMSE was “Natalie” by the Sidewalks.  The Sidewalks were a local Milwaukee band and two of my bothers, Mike and John, were founding members.  I played this the… Read more »

#wmse34 – Jayx from Streamline


About the Photo – Taken in 1992 around the time I started to get into the rave scene and electronic dance music. Very late teens. – What is the first song you remember playing on the air on WMSE (or first artist or album)? Skylab “The Trip” – What is the first musician or band you… Read more »

#wmse34 – Jerry from Jerry’s Attic


About the photo:  Yours truly at age 19, circa 1974.  On my way to a Wishbone Ash concert, no doubt.  First song or artist you played? First song I played?  Hmmm…  Saturday morning, Memorial Day weekend, 1984, 6:00 am.   I believe I started with John Lee Hooker’s “Blues Before Sunrise”.  Followed by “Good Morning” The… Read more »

#wmse34 – The Blues Drive – Sonia


About the photo:  It’s from the 1980’s What was the first song you played as a WMSE DJ? The first song that I played on WMSE may have been Charlie Parker’s “Milestones.” Who was your first interview? The first interview that I did for WMSE may have been Greg Kihn (mid-1990’s). I found out that… Read more »

#wmse34 – DJ Ed Griggs


About the photo: Take in the 5th Grade What is the first song you remember playing on the air on WMSE (or first artist or album)? Since I’ve only just started as a DJ, this question si not that relevant to me. What IS relevant is the first gig at the TWCC that I ever… Read more »

#wmse34 – The Zero Hour’s Andy


About the photo: Taken in 8th Grade What is the first song you remember playing on the air on WMSE (or first artist or album)? Zero Hour – The Plimsouls What is the first musician or band you remember interviewing? What year? Derek Dunn from the .357 String Band.  It was my first show at noon… Read more »

#WMSE34 – Good John – Chicken Shack

About the photo: The picture is from my senior year in high school..  What was the first song you played? The first song I played when I filled in on the Chickenshack for the first time was “No Depression In Heaven” by The Carter Family.  Who was your first interview?  My most memorable interview was… Read more »

#wmse34 – The Chicken Shack’s Jonny Z

14 year old Jon

About the photo:  The photo that I am providing is from the first performance with my first band that I ever had. It was right around the time of my 15th birthday, I may have been 14 or a very fresh 15 years old. First song you played as a WMSE DJ? I don’t really remember the first song that… Read more »

#wmse34 – Rich Mars – City Rock Showgram

Rich Mars

Who was your first interview as a WMSE DJ ? That would have been the drummer for the Romantics – Jimmy Marinos – right after their hit “What I Like About You.” Who was the first artist you played and what was the song? It was 1981 and I played Madness – “One Step Beyond…. Read more »

#wmse34 – Wax Addicts – Mickey


What was the first song or artist you played as a WMSE DJ?  I cannot recall the first song I played on air.  But one my best memories was from beginning at the station was when I volunteered for Scott Lucey’s show.  I was answering phones for the most part but I also brought my… Read more »

#wmse34 – Von Munz – Von Munz Vinyl Variety Show


What is your first memory of WMSE?  I graduated from High School in 1989, which puts me smack dab at the Station’s Starting Point. Album Rock was the genre over Milwaukee’s commercial airwaves, however I had discovered this weird station WAY over on the left hand side. I remember hearing the Clash for sure. My… Read more »

#wmse34 -Sid-Squid Inc


A photo: Taken in 1982 – I am on the left, Woody Weatherman from COC is in the middle and my friend Maria is on the right What is the first song you remember playing on the air on WMSE (or first artist or album)?: Most Recently ELO – Do Ya / When I was a… Read more »

#wmse34 – Jay Burseth – Development Director


What is your favorite WMSE memory?  Favorite memory? Being 15 (the same age as I am in the photo) and discovering a radio station in Milwaukee that played punk rock. My mind was blown! As I am blown away every day by the WMSE DJs, who play the best music that can be found on… Read more »

#wmse34 – Matt Schoeffler


About the Photo –    Taken in college where I was a DJ at radio station WIPZ, UW Parkside. – What is the first song you remember playing on the air on WMSE (or first artist or album)? Refused – New Noise (subbing on Poundcake Punk) – What is the first musician or band you… Read more »

#wmse34 – Craig Mertes of The Shape of Rock


About the photo: Here is a picture taken of me while at MSOE in 1997 or 1998, as part of a class roster nonetheless. What is the first song you remember playing on the air on WMSE (or first artist or album)? First song I remember playing on WMSE: “The Pod”/Hum/ You’d Prefer An Astronaut… Read more »

1st Annual Rock-N-Roll Boll Winners Announced


Thank you all for showing up and taking part is our first ever Rock-N-Roll Bowl.   Our Winners – Low Individual Score – Lisa Wierzbinski (she also won a lunchbox) Low Team Score  – Meat Me In The Allery High Individual Score Kip Satan from Team Dick Satan Trio High Team Score – Bowlers Anonymous… Read more »

Thank you WMSE Supporters!

You made it work! With your support we achieved so much in 2014 and will continue to be your favorite radio station in 2015. Watch the video that says it all!

WMSE’s 5th Annual Backyard BBQ News!

Dearest WMSE listeners and supporters, It’s like we can almost taste the BBQ in the air here at the Mighty 91…those sweet tunes will also soon be wafting into our ears like the smell of BBQ in our nostrils. WMSE is very much looking forward to you joining us at Cathedral Square Park tomorrow afternoon… Read more »

Short and Sweet: WMSE Talks to Eagulls

Eagulls, a Leeds-based guitar band, has unwittingly jumped into the long shadows cast by fellow post-punk Brits, Killing Joke, and crafted a likeminded sound of intensely hollowed out post-punk that is filling a void in a modern world of music dripping with self-aware languidity. The welcome contrast has held the States’ notice; Partisan Records (NY)… Read more »

Short and Sweet: WMSE Talks to Pontiak

Virginia’s band of brothers (literally), otherwise known as Pontiak, have just released another round of psych-laden sludge, compliments of Thrill Jockey Records and Innocence, ironically, is one helluva quagmire in lyricality. “Wasted in the street / Corrupted and I leave” Pontiak howls on their tenth release to-date (since 2005), Van, Lain and Jennings Carney sound readier… Read more »