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Local Lunchbox – Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Today for the “Local Lunchbox” segment on the Rockleidoscope Show, Erin played for you: Slow Walker s/t LP by Slow Walker Future Hits by Platinum Boys CATACOMBZ by CATACOMBZ  Breaking out the vinyl (all LPs!) today to give you a sneak preview of our all/pro-vinyl spring membership drive programming, coming up… Local Lunchbox is brought… Read more »

Local Lunchbox – Thursday, April 2, 2015


Today for the “Local Lunchbox” segment on the Von Munz Vinyl Variety Show, Eric played for you: The Bleed song played was actually “Flat Tire”, but we’re subbing another (no available audio for the other one). PLUS these were also played: “Ride Free” and “Cool Like That” from Platinum Boys and “Little Sassy Francis” from… Read more »

Local Lunchbox – Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Today for the “Local Lunchbox” segment on Squid Inc., Sid played for you: Greatest Lakes is the first Milwaukee band I fell in love with! ~ Sid   Local Lunchbox is brought to you by Outpost Natural Foods. Tune in tomorrow on the Von Munz Vinyl Variety Show for your next tasty treat!

Local/Live: April 7 – The Brian Wurch Band

“The Brian Wurch Band started out as ‘The Gigolo’s” playing on Water Street in the 90’s for tips and laughs. Phil the “human jukebox” Baldus aka Pilo B lead the way on lead vocals and Dennis “Daredevil” Dykstra on drums and vocals, Brian on guitar and vocals, Add Tom “Ironman” Plutshack on the bass. “Brian… Read more »

Listen Back: Local/Live with Soup Moat


Local/Live this week brought WMSE listeners the sludge-y goodness of Milwaukee quartet, Soup Moat. The band is celebrating a new release — Enjoy Your Hobbies — on Milwaukee’s Triple Eye Industries and has been out and about on the Milwaukee scene, playing shows at Cocoon Room, Borg Ward and more, recently. Thanks to the band for swinging… Read more »

#wmse34 – Jon Blick of the Overnight Sensations


About the photo: Freshman year of high school, 1970. Who was the first artist you played as a WMSE DJ ? First Song on Overnight Sensations, April 2, 2009 (six years coming up soon) was Old 97s, “Dressing Room Walls”, from the album Wreck Your Life.  I remember nothing after that. Who was the first… Read more »

#wmse34 – Scott Lucey of Digital Dumplings in Analog Gravy


About the photo: I don’t have much in the teenager years; only younger. Who was the first artist you played as a WMSE DJ ? I believe it was DJ Shadow’s Entroducing… Who was the first musician/band you remember interviewing at WMSE? First interview was 2014 with Bahamas.