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Today On WMSE: Frankie Lee

Tune into the Tom Wanderer Radio Experience today for a visit from touring musician, Frankie Lee. Lee hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota and delves nice n’ easy into country, folk, honky-tonk and twang with a built-in, lived-in style that speaks to his Midwestern roots. Lee’s home city of Minneapolis recently dubbed him the “Best Songwriter of… Read more »

A Trip to Bandcamp With: The Delphines

The perpetually propulsive-sounding music of Milwaukee’s The Delphines has consistently gotten the singles treatment since the band’s start — small bursts of song that seemed fitting for their hyper-intensive style, but teasing, never promising more. A band can only sustain its fans on singles for so long, so thankfully, singles are not the permanent status… Read more »

Out This Week: May 27, 2014

Dear music lovers and WMSE listeners — this is your brief, weekly look at what’s new: Yann Tiersen, Infinity, Mute Little Barrie, Shadow, Tummy Touch Miniature Tigers, Cruel Runnings, YEBO Chris Schlarb, Making the Saint, Asthmatic Kitty Emma Ruth Rundle, Some Heavy Ocean, Sargent House Sage Francis, Copper Gone, Strange Famous Records Owen Pallet, In… Read more »

Local/Live: May 27 — Calliope

Calliope is a blues-y psych-rock quartet forged between the forces of the sun and the moon in a dingy basement sometime during the year of our lord, 2011. Their organ heavy self-titled debut [2013] showcased their reverberated garage rock vibe and was hailed as “a rollicking collection of retrofitted psychedelic blues songs.” Since then, Calliope… Read more »

Out This Week: May 20, 2014

Dear music lovers and WMSE listeners — this is your brief, weekly look at what’s new: La Sera, Hour of the Dawn, Hardly Art Mr Scruff, Friendly Bacteria, Ninja Tune Phox, Phox, Partisan Bry Webb, Free Will, Idee Fixe Archie Bronson Outfit, Wild Crush, Domino Conor Oberst, Upside Down Mountain, Nonesuch Bio Ritmo, Puerta Del Sur,… Read more »

Local/Live: May 20 – Reynaldo Jenkins & the Teardrops

With an energetic live show and classic sounds inspired by doo wop and rockabilly, Reynaldo Jenkins & the Teardrops – lead by Joshua Kristopeit – is plenty full of swagger, playing to Roy Orbison’s croons, Jon Spencer’s strut and the Black Lips’ rowdy, devil-may-care attitude. The group formed in 2010 and inspired Kristopeit to turn… Read more »

Out This Week: May 13, 2014

Dear music lovers and WMSE listeners — this is your brief, weekly look at what’s new: Mirah, Changing Light, K Records Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Are We Not Men? We Are Diva!, Fat Wreck Chords Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, A Long Way to the Beginng, KFR Tobacco, Ultima II Massage, Ghostly International Mia Dyson, Idyllwyld, Black Door Atmosphere, Southsiders, Rhymesayers Son Lux, Alternate Worlds EP, Joyful… Read more »

Local/Live: May 13 – GGOOLLDD

“GGOOLLDD is awesome, if you’re into that sort of thing.” From the airwaves of WMSE, to the posts of CMJ, newbie Milwaukee group GGOOLLDD has been turning up a lot of praise for their electro-pop ditties. Tune into WMSE’s Local/Live at 6pm on Tuesday, May 13th to hear for yourself. Follow: Facebook Listen: Bandcamp

Local/Live: May 6 – Zach Pietrini & the Broken Bones

Zach Pietrini & the Broken Bones  walk the fence between worlds:  grit and optimism, old and new, folk and roots with a rock libido.  Although Americana at its core and crafted from blues, Pietrini and the Broken Bones offer up a world of comfortable influences that are delightfully familiar; American roots music, outlaw country, and… Read more »