2015 into 2016 (Wrapping Up and Tuning In)


Dear WMSE listeners,

As you might well know, even the mightiest of the mighty need to get some rest and reinvigoration for the new year, ahead, so Team WMSE will be changing up a couple of things until that new year. Aside from our holiday-centric programming this week, here’s what to expect ’til 2016!

WMSE Weekly Charts

WMSE’s weekly chart report will be back the week of January 4, 2016. The College Music Journal (CMJ) takes a little break, but not for long. We’re all gearing up for what’s sure to be another year of great new releases. Bring it on, 2016…

Will also be breaking, but just for the holiday week. On Tuesday, December 29th, tune in at 6 p.m. for a once-a-year special segment as Cal (and Erin, from afar) go over their highlights for the 2015 year of WMSE’s Local/Live. From Scrimshaw to Surgeons in Heat, Jaill, Kia Rap Princess, Estates, Devil Met Contention and milo, 2015 was another great year for Local/Live and for local music (to say the least)! Local/Live performances will be back on Tuesday, January 5, 2016 with a whole new lineup of your soon-to-be-favorites in local music.

WMSE Picks of 2015
This now-yearly WMSE tradition has the WMSE staff, DJs and Music Department volunteers weighing in with their five favorite releases of the year (and then some). These lists will be posted in time for Christmas and right before New Year’s Eve. Think of it as our gift to you (and maybe a shopping list, too, if you will)? WMSE Station Manager, Tom Crawford, will highlight some of these picks in a special Radio Drill Time segment on New Year’s Eve. Tune in from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. to hear some of the most diverse programming, highlighting the year in music, from WMSE to you.

What a great year in music, WMSE listeners!

Looking forward to the new year, ahead!

~ your WMSE (music-loving) staff ~
(Erin, Tom, Ryan, Sid, Chris, Jay and Billy)