Happy 42nd Anniversary WMSE!

42 Years of Frontier Radio

WMSE 91.7 is 42 years old on Friday, March 17, 2023. The traditional gift for a 42nd anniversary is the gemstone jasper. That’s not really our speed. We prefer music. To celebrate 42 years of frontier radio, we asked a handful of your favorite DJs to give our loyal listeners some fun anniversary tunes. Celebrate with us and check out our special 42nd anniversary programming live or in the archives. 

That’s not all we’ve got for you. To mark our 42nd year we’re issuing a new limited edition Sonia’s Blues Drive t-shirt. The shirts are available starting at 3:00 pm on the big day, March 17. We’ve got navy blue v-neck women’s t-shirts and black unisex T’s for all the Blues Drive fans out there. Check them out in the store!

WMSE ShowAnniversary ThemeAir Date
Buzz’s GarageOne Hour of Irish Punk Bands and Irish Styled Punk Songs (because the anniversary is on St. Patrick’s Day)3/13/2023
Overnight Sensations“42 Songs I really Like, One From Every Year That WMSE Has Been On The Air”.3/16/2023
Radio Drill TimeBest of WMSE ’813/16/2023
Sonia’s Blues DriveNine to Five Blues3/17/2023
The Truth About DeEvolution ShowA recreation, from memory, of the music that was on the tapes of the Monk of Punk and Mort D Hump shows3/27/2023