A Trip to Bandcamp With: Guerrilla Ghost

POSTED:: March 25, 2020


Milwaukee duo Guerrilla Ghost (Lyricist Chuck Jones (aka Bad Graphics Ghost) and producer Martin Defatte (aka Tron Jovi) of Triple Eye Industries) recently unleashed their newest single, “Keep Your Distance” – a reach-out to fellow musicians and artists affected by COVID-19. Guerrilla Ghost is the brainchild of these two like-minded friends using the smart flow of hip hop to meld with the aggression of punk and metal. The result is propulsive and forceful. Bad Graphics Ghost raps:

A sense of normalcy that’s been erased
Creators passion been displaced
Service industry is mortally wounded
But strength in numbers is a trait deeply rooted
There’s nothing more powerful than the community
Working together oh so beautifully

The band says, “Thank you to Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering for the insane rush turnaround to help us get this out in a timely fashion. Stay strong. Stay safe. Wash your hands.

Guerrilla Ghost is currently offering funds from the song to local venues Cactus Club and X-Ray Arcade to provide economic relief to their staff and businesses. Find the song over at Bandcamp here.

The band’s follow-up full length, We Get What We Deserve is expected to be out this summer on Triple Eye Industries.

POSTED BY:: Erin Wolf

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