POSTED:: April 1, 2020


Many local music followers will remember Nicholas Elert from his work in the early 00’s with instrumental rock outfit This Specific Dream and later, metal band, Northless. More recently, Elert joined punk band, Bad Grades, (but that Milwaukee supergroup operates quite minimally). While some projects have fallen away or disappeared for the time-being, Elert’s work in the solo realm is growing steadily and clearly influenced by his past musical experiences.

In addition, Elert’s recent time spent studying at UW-Milwaukee’s music composition program immersed his musical mind in a space where technology and art could meet and make sense. Since that experience, he has released a 12″ [Speculative Fiction], delving headlong into the world of computer-based and synthesizer music. Elert mentioned on its release, “The title references my gravitation towards retro-futuristic and dystopian stories that attempted to envision life in the 21st century…”. Elert’s most-recent release ably continues those sounds and that theme. Self Quarantine – a solo release, released only to Bandcamp – features one track per day of isolation (7, total), as Elert joins in trying to sort out the “new normal”. Elert writes simply, “An ongoing project, barring catastrophe. Stay Home.”

Self Quarantine swirls in layers of analog synthesizers, moved by the winds of technology, evoking alien-istic atmospheres, Philip Glass, Survive, Ulrich Schnauss and beyond, all in one breath. It’s an audio journey well worth taking. Find Self Quarantine over at Nicholas Elert’s Bandcamp page (available for streaming and download).

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