Ahab’s Ghost Brings the Rock on Buzz’s Garage Tonight

Most likely Milwaukee’s only band to sign a ‘rock n’ roll constitution, Ahab’s Ghost means serious business when it comes to channeling Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and the like. Stated in their ‘constitution’s’ preamble is this: ”We the People of Rock n’ Roll, in order to form a more perfect union of rock, establish and encourage shredding, insure domestic jams, provide for the common rocker, promote the general consumption of tasty riffs and secure the blessings of rock to ourselves and future bangers, do ordain and establish this Rock n’ Roll Constitution.”

Serious business aside, Ahab’s Ghost’s music is a fun and energetic listen, based on straight-up rock riffs, solid vocals and bashing percussion that hallmarks the heavier days of the genre. Want to catch Ahab’s Ghost live on WMSE? Tune in at 91.7 FM on your radio dial or stream online at WMSE.org. The band is set to go on around 6 p.m. Missed out? Catch in in the WMSE archives.