Epcot Makes the Rounds in MKE With BTS.WRKNG

Tune into 91.7 FM, WMSE starting at 9 p.m. tonight to catch exciting and fresh sounds on the BTS.WRKNG show (9 p.m. – 12 a.m.) as he welcomes DJ Epcot for a co-DJ’d set. Epcot, from San Francisco, is in it to win it in Milwaukee — over the last couple of days, Epcot has made appearances at venues such as Club Garibaldi’s and is set to mix things up even longer, making stops at Redroom (1875 N. Humboldt) tomorrow and Burnhearts (2599 S. Logan) on Wednesday for two free DJ sets along with Milwaukee’s Lorn. Tonight, BTS.WRKNG, Lorn (reviewed *here*), Epcot and Omega Clash take turns on the turntables, for what is sure to be an eclectic and brilliant show.

Last Saturday at Garibaldi, Epcot and Co., working with four turntables and four laptops, pulled in a solid, smart and energetic set, fancying up Simian Mobile Disco’s “Hustler” and Tweet’s “Oops (Oh My)”, seamlessly trading DJ duties back and forth. The Pitch (Kansas City) who recently reviewed Epcot’s new releaseHeroes, remarked “If André 3000 were still dating Erykah BaduHeroes is what his evolution might sound like”.  Tune in to hear the live radio magic for yourself at 9 p.m. tonight on WMSE or take in a live set at Redroom or Burnhearts later this week to hear some of the best in national and local electronic mixes and beats.