Cloud Nothings

January 12, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
The Back Room at Colectivo
Pabst Theater Group

For a band that sticks to its impulses instead of trends, Cloud Nothings accumulates critical praise and loyal fans with the type of ease modern rock bands can only dream of. The band’s early indie rock songs welcome pop warmly without sounding trite, their later alt-rock hooks too busy criss-crossing guitar lines to overthink things. The urgency frontman Dylan Baldi writes with comes across in the vividness of his guitar. Consdier Cloud Nothings as the torchbearers of the frenetic, visceral, and thundering rock of bands like The Wipers and Drive Like Jeh – It’s all alternating resolves and anticipated breakdowns. And live, it’s near impossible to dispute talent that palpable.

Cloud Nothings are a permanent staple of what rock music should sound like: gritty, caustic, and tireless. In that, almost a decade into their career, Cloud Nothings have become a reference point for budding rock acts while perpetually looking to outdo themselves as they go.

Local band Flat Teeth open the night.

POSTED BY:: Sidney McCain