Flat Out Friday

February 17, 2023 @ 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Fiserv Forum
Mama Tried
Flat Out Friday is an indoor flat track motorcycle race on a Dr. Pepper syrup coated concrete track. Riders from the ages of 6 to 79 years old come from across the country to compete at the largest and most distinguished indoor flat track race in the U.S.A.
Some of the most popular race classes are the Hooligan class where street legal motorcycles are modified for racing and the Goofball class where almost anything with 2 wheels ( sometimes with just one or three!) goes! In addition it is mandatory for racers to wear a costume in this class.
Expect the unexpected at Flat Out Friday. In the past there has been a marriage, an impromptu wrestling match and more all right on the track in between races.
The fierce competition on the track provides the perfect balance between laughs and thrills during the event.
Part race, part rock show and part circus it all adds up to 110% entertainment.

POSTED BY:: Sidney McCain