in-studio performance: The Beths (Carpark Records)

Tune into Zero Hour on WMSE to hear a performance from Auckland, New Zealand band, The Beths before they play Summerfest at 5:30pm…

“In the past, New Zealand indie-rock bands have typically been credited for possessing a distinctively jangly, drone-flecked sound dating back to the collegiate “Dunedin sound” established by 1980s-and-90s indie bands like the Clean and the Chills. You can hear a little bit of that legacy carried on in Future Me Hates Me—especially on “Uptown Girl,” which marries the soft charge of Dunedin classics like the Chills’ “I Love My Leather Jacket” with the melodic tang of Vancouver kindred spirits and Flying Nun signees the Courtneys. Otherwise, the Beths’ reference points aren’t bound to geographical placement; Glasgow indie-pop heroes Camera Obscura are frequently recalled, particularly in Stokes’ occasional vocal resemblance to that band’s frontperson Tracyanne Campbell, as well as the passionate burn of more mature strains of emo and pop-punk.” ~Pitchfork

Tune into WMSE to listen in on what is sure to be an awesome set from The Beths – if you loved Future Me Hates Me, you definitely don’t want to miss out! to stream world-wide or 91.7 FM on your radio dial in Milwaukee.

POSTED BY:: Erin Wolf