interview: CRLSS

September 22, 2020 @ 8:00 am – 8:30 am

Tune into WMSE as Craig talks to CRLSS on The Shape Of Rock about the duo’s recent release – MEMORY TAP SCARS – which arrived on September 11th. Ryan King of CRLSS wrote the album during the pandemic the day after their last show at Cactus Club on March 7, 2020 and worked on it continuously throughout the spring and summer.

From Bandcamp: “The Memory Tap Scars (V!) listening experience strives for chaotic cohesiveness and nostalgic grandeur. Self-deprecating, yet grateful lyrical acrobatics; reminiscent of relatable yet subtle approach which rings true throughout the entire listen. Many of the songs are fluorescent with blooming colors of soaked reverb and startling delay. Primary due to utilizing the DSD-2 on nearly every song to create atmosphere without utilizing software instruments. CRLSS has released a plethora of albums at this point, however never has there been a release as organic as MEMORY TAP SCARS. The goal for the record was to utilize the instruments available to me to the best of my ability and find a sound I have yet to truly explore. Utilizing one singe pedal to keep myself within the confines of thinking within the box I had set for myself; keeping it simple and challenging myself through setting the electronic sounds aside. Any instrumental headr on this record (There are only two) are live renditions using the Roland SP404SX with the Korg Kaos pad to create an organic off beat rhythm unknown to the regular ear. I hope you enjoy this journey. This is something I feel actually good about.

“Most have memories. Many of us; scars. For some, the memory is the unseen scar. These are our personal memory tap scars.”

POSTED BY:: Erin Wolf