interview: LISSIE

Tune into WMSE as DJ Caryn catches up with LISSIE following her newest, When I’m Alone release.

PopMatters writes – “Fans of Lissie have always understood there were two distinct sides to her. There was the vibrant and unruly singer who would rev up audiences through her wild energy and emotionalism. And there were the more polished studio productions that employed sound effects and instrumental flourishes to add depth and breadth to her natural talents. No wonder two of her six full-length albums were live recordings as an attempt to bring the power of her as a performer to the album format.

“Well, during the past 10 years Lissie’s been there and done that, meaning she’s toured internationally as a headliner, opened for major stars such as Tom Petty, sung with others like Elton John, been a guest on late-night television programs (and had many of her songs placed in popular TV shows), and received ample radio play. Lissie may not be a household name, but she is well-known enough to live the Los Angeles laid back lifestyle and earn a decent living. Except she turned her back on that, sold her home in Ojai and bought 50 acres in the heart of Iowa. Lissie is originally from the Midwest (Rock Island, IL) and in a sense has returned to her roots.

“This makes sense in a way, but not really as her early songs were all about getting out of this place and experiencing the world. At age 36 she’s too young to retire. When I’m Alone: The Piano Retrospective (2019) has Lissie looking back. As the album title suggests, she has stripped down the songs to their essence. It’s just her voice and piano.”

POSTED BY:: Erin Wolf