interview: Red Mass

Tune into WMSE as Andy checks in with Red Mass [Slovenly Records] before their appearance at Milwaukee Psych Fest later that day.

Montreal art-savant Roy “Choyce” Vucino returns to the Slovenly Recordings stable with partner Hannah Lewis in a new installment of his acclaimed RED MASS project. For the un-iniated, Red Mass was founded by Choyce in 2008, and features an evolving cast of over 100 musicians appearing on over 30 releases thusfar. Noxious experiments in extraterrestrial swamp-roar swarm the senses in “Confession d’un Chacal,” sounding like an inverted “Weird Love” era Scientists produced by SCIENTIST (the King Tubby protege, natch), and the vicious onslaught of “Infidele” and “Noir et Blanc” deliver atom-smashing-space-punk prowess.

POSTED BY:: Erin Wolf