Local/Live Interviews: Episode 70 Yum Yum Cult

August 30, 2022 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Yum Yum Cult is a Rock and/or Roll band from Milwaukee, WI. Formed in the haze of the kind of
existential dread only a group of washed up late-20 something musicians can muster, these tune-goonz
are giving it one last shot at the big leagues. Their songs draw on influences from musicians like the
Pixies, T Rex, and David Bowie, but don’t pigeonhole these puppies just yet. Once compared to “what
Radiohead would sound like if they dropped by the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks”, listeners will find a
surprising sweet spot between lyrical depth and toe-tapping fusion. Lead singer/screamer Palmer Shah
will be ripping his vocal cords in one moment, and sweetly reminiscing on nights that could have been in
the next. Myles Coyne (keys and bad-boy charm), Charlie Celenza (drums and bad-boy charm), and Sean
Anderson (bass) round out the quartet. They have released a couple of Oprah-approved singles – “Up in
the Tenement” and “Convenience & Me” – and are expecting to release their debut album “It Kills Me It
Really Does” in September of 2022.

POSTED BY:: Sidney McCain