November 12, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm


Milwaukee’s Snag confronts themes of antipathy for late-capitalism, police violence, and environmental catastrophe with fury and despair. Theirs is a generation with a deep sense of injustice and impending loss. They draw influence from touchstones Portraits of Past, City of Caterpillar, and Majority Rule: bands that informed an adolescent sneer that has matured into an adulthood of ambivalence and precarity. They offer a distinctly Midwest interpretation of the impending crumble of society.

Listen to a set of new songs from Snag’s latest full-length on WMSE’s Local/Live on Tuesday, November 12th. WMSE.org to stream the show live or in the archives or simply tune your radio to 91.7 FM at the 6 o’ clock hour.

Local/Live on WMSE is sponsored by Club Garibaldi.

POSTED BY:: Erin Wolf