Local/Live: July 18th – Strangelander


Strangelander is: Steve Peplin,
David Wake,
Amanda Huff,
Aaron Gardner,
Jeremy Kuzniar,
Michael Ritter and Patrick Reinholz; a collective of likeminded musicians who create jazz with warm humanity, connecting sound + mind together.

“Jazz guitarist Steve Peplin rounded up [this] cast of elite Milwaukee talent for his latest project, Strangelander, a band including De La Buena mainstay Dave Wake, saxophonist Aaron Gardner and singer Amanda Huff. Given their collective experience, the septet covers about as much ground as you’d expect on their self-titled debut album, slithering back and forth between gypsy jazz, classical music and exotica on a set that’s as gorgeous as it is impossible to pigeonhole.”

~The Shepherd Express

Tune into WMSE on Tuesday, July 18th to listen to a live set from Strangelander — WMSE.org to stream live or in the archives, or simply tune your radio to 91.7 FM at the 6 o’clock hour.

Local/Live on WMSE is sponsored by Club Garibaldi’s.

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