March 30, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

During these strange times, WMSE aims to keep you connected to your local music community by getting up close and personal in conversation while taking a listen to new local projects, albums and songs.

CRLSS is powered by Ryan Daniel King and Juliet Jaeger. The Milwaukee duo’s main musical home has been Bandcamp, allowing for creative freedom to release things at-will, showcasing ever-changing shades of electronic-based music anchored in home-recording adventures.

This DIY assemblage of releases has grown even stronger since the start of the pandemic and in 2020, CRLSS most notably released MEMORY TAP SCARS in late fall, drawing further on deep influences of grunge, rock and beyond and adventuring into their next sonic realm. Tune in and hear what’s next for the project in 2021 on Local/Live.

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Local/Live is presented by Third Space Brewing. “You have your home, you have your work, but everyone needs a third space.”

POSTED BY:: Erin Wolf