November 30, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm


During these strange times, WMSE aims to keep you connected to your local music community by getting up close and personal in conversation while taking a listen to new local projects, albums and songs.

Milwaukee five-piece Arrow may be newer to the Milwaukee scene as a group, but as individuals, their members have been fixtures for over twenty-five years, spending time in Clementine, Mississippi Cactus, Maritime and The Buzzhorn, among others.

Lead by singer/songwriter Brian Kasprzak, Arrow exudes an Americana swagger with a healthy dose of 70s and an edgy pop-rock sensibility to set them apart. The band’s first single, “Over You,” was released in 2019 to local acclaim and now the band is readying the release of a full-length, recorded at Milwaukee’s Howl Street Studios. We catch up with the band just as they are gearing up for a show at Club Garibaldi’s with Joe Crockett on Saturday, December 4th. Tune into Local/Live on Tuesday, November 30th and get to know more about Arrow before that show and their debut release, slated for 2022.

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POSTED BY:: Erin Wolf