September 7, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm


During these strange times, WMSE aims to keep you connected to your local music community by getting up close and personal in conversation while taking a listen to new local projects, albums and songs.

Antoine “Twan” Mack is an adult contemporary hip hop artist from Milwaukee. His performances enlighten, entertain and educate. His sound takes audiences back to the golden era of hip hop where subject matter and history are equally important. Mack has been on the Milwaukee music scene for over three decades and first came up in the hip hop scene in the early 90s with the popular group Kali Tribe as “The Pharaoh”. Mack produced one of the group’s biggest hits, “Gettin’ Bigger”.

Since, Mack has gained notoriety as a producer, musician and beyond and runs his own apparel and merchandise brand, Nostalgic Visuals in addition to working on music. His most-recent singles, “Marvelous” and “Born 4 This” are a solid lead-up to a soon-to-be-released full-length. We caught up with Mack just as he’s getting ready to open for Big Daddy Kane on September 16th at Summerfest. Tune into Local/Live on Tuesday, September 7th to hear Mack talk about his Milwaukee scene history and what he’s got going on, next.

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POSTED BY:: Erin Wolf