Final Pledge Drive Crunch Time!

As WMSE listeners very well know, we’re down to the wire with our spring pledge drive! This means very entertaining radio for you: pepped up WMSE staff, volunteers and visiting musicians (Mike Mangione and The Union just played a killer set on Andy Turner’s Zero Hour show). Get ready to hear chainsaws and chickens in between the music (tune in to hear this winning audio combo if you haven’t yet caught on). Trust us. It’s like peanut butter and jelly, those chainsaws and chickens.

Zero Hour is just getting geared up now, busting out the killer power pop, garage and indie gems. Recently, Turner did a great show centered around Pittsburgh’s storied garage label Get Hip Records, even going so far to interview Barbara Garcia-Bernardo, Vice President of Get Hip and wife of founder Gregg Kostelich of The Cynics, (read his interview *here*) and invite Jack Rice bassist of the Blow Pops (Get Hip alumni) onto his show to give listeners and even further look into the music of Get Hip. If you caught that particular show and enjoyed it, or if you’re a big fan of Sonia’s Blues Drive (coming up today at 3 p.m.), tune in and catch some quality music and also a boatload of knowledge and trivia that the WMSE DJs innately provide you. We give you substance with each and every show —  WMSEfeeds your ears and your brain! This is something we hope Milwaukee (and otherwise) can count on for years to come.