Kneel to Neil

POSTED:: November 4, 2013


Kneel to Neil

Happening this Saturday and now in its 8th year, Kneel to Neil has become a special yearly occurrence for Milwaukee fans of Neil Young, one that is perfectly housed in the friendly confines of Jim and Marty’s Linneman’s Riverwest Inn.

Kneel to Neil lines up Milwaukee bands both fresh-faced and seasoned with each band selecting and playing two to four of their favorite Neil tunes. You’ll hear Harvest and On the Beach classics next to re-imagined Le Noise cuts, followed by, well, maybe you’ll hear some Trans, but probably not.

It’s a great night with with great local bands figuratively, and sometimes literally, embracing a crowd of people paying tribute to one of the all-time greats.

Performance Line-Up:

Crooked Keys
Murder Gifts
Midnight Reruns
Twin Brother
The Aimless Blades
The Carolinas
Jonathan Burks
The Viper and His Famous Orchestra
Bella Bruto
Chris DeMay & the Gentlemen Farmers

Proceeds from Kneel to Neil benefit WMSE and The Bridge School

POSTED BY:: Ryan Schleicher

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