POSTED:: August 12, 2020

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Over the coming weeks, WMSE will be digging into our archives to bring you some blast-from-the-past Local/Live performances…

Sam Ahmed, known as “WebsterX”, musically, released his debut album, Daymares, in 2017. WMSE welcomed the rapper into the studios shortly after that release and the album has been making waves beyond the local music scene that are still rippling today (WebsterX had big plans brewing for the remainder of this year, before the pandemic got underway).

Daymares covers the actions and feelings tied up in an early-20s existence and choosing the path of music over school. WebsterX’s lyrics therein dig deep and explore what it means to make those big decisions and face the challenges of leaning on the positive to be a force against the grind of everyday existence. He’s co-founded the youth organization, FreeSpace and continues to be proactive in his community, inspiring likeminded youth to pitch in and make their voices heard.

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