Local/Live Archive: June 23 – Cry Coyote

POSTED:: June 17, 2020

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Over the coming weeks, WMSE will be digging into our archives to bring you some blast-from-the-past Local/Live performances; our next installment is a deep dive back to January of 2010, back to when Local/Live was a little shorter (but still awesome). Milwaukee’s Cry Coyote was dubbed everything from rock ‘n roll to cowpunk and garage-punk – tune in to relive their energetic swagger and help pay tribute to Alex Keshena of Cry Coyote, who recently passed away. Dillon Hallen of Cry Coyote writes:

“Over 10 years ago Cry Coyote walked into the WMSE studios hauling our beat up, beer-soaked gear, ready to spew our brand of cowpunk and sleazy rock ‘n roll to listeners over the radio. Leading the way on guitar was our ace in the hole, Alex Keshena. When Alex was in his element, he was a little Thunders with a splash of Richards but was still 100 % pure Alex. Other than being a killer guitar player and uncompromising rock ‘n roller through and through, he was one of the sharpest and funniest individuals I have ever met.

“He was a man that believed all you needed was a guitar to survive and in ideal world that would have been true. Alex Keshena will be sadly missed. He left a huge impact on all those who knew him and all those who have seen him play. For those of you who may not have, I, along with many others, are very thankful to the people at WMSE for capturing this piece of Alex for all of you to experience.”

Tune into WMSE to hear a tribute in our rebroadcast of Cry Coyote’s 2010 Local/Live performance on June 23rdWMSE.org to stream, world-wide, or simply tune your radio to 91.7 FM at the 6 o’ clock hour. 

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