POSTED:: September 30, 2020

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Over the coming weeks, WMSE will be digging into our archives to bring you some blast-from-the-past Local/Live performances…

Milwaukee’s Immortal Girlfriend is the freshest “retro” brother duo of William and Kevin Bush, who use atmospheric layers of electronics to wash over their melodic vocals. While the heart and soul of their sounds might be immersed in nostalgia, their sound is thoroughly modern and akin to chill + synthwave outfits like Washed Out, SURVIVE and Bonobo; their music evokes imagery of cool cars and hot nights.

The two brothers go far back with their initial collaborative creations. Those creative days in their parents’ basement naturally produced their 2017 debut EP, ‘Daybreak’ and set them on their path as Immortal Girlfriend. Since our Garibaldi show in 2018, Immortal Girlfriend have played countless shows and festivals and recently celebrated the release of a new EP, ‘RIDE’ and single, “Friday Night”. 

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