POSTED:: February 10, 2021

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On Tuesday, February 16th, WMSE will again bring its listeners live music over the airwaves with Local/Live at The Ring via Kneeverland Productions. Our guest for this round is Milwaukee garage punk group, Fox Face.

Featuring players drawn from various corners of the Brewtown music scene, Fox Face came together ahead of the recording of their 2017 debut album, Spoil + Destroy. Their second record, End of Man is fresh off of Milwaukee-based Dirtnap Records and it bumps up the furious guitar sound of Spoil + Destroy a few more notches. On first listen, you’ll be able to tell that Fox Face has been playing together for several years now, because these recordings are tight. There’s no filler or extraneous padding; the arrangements and playing make for a cohesive whole, and lyrically the songs are direct and to the point while still remaining universal enough to be met on personal terms.

Join WMSE with Fox Face on Tuesday, February 16th for Local/Live streaming live from The Ring. Watch at WMSE.org and on WMSE’s YouTube (through Roku), Vimeo and social media accounts or just listen live at 91.7 FM on your radio dial. It all goes down at the 6 o’clock hour.

Local/Live is presented by Third Space Brewing. “You have your home, you have your work, but everyone needs a third space.”

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