POSTED:: January 6, 2021

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On Tuesday, January 12th, WMSE will again bring its listeners live music over the airwaves with Local/Live at The Ring via Kneeverland Productions. Our guest for this round is world-renowned folk musician, Chris Porterfield of Field Report.

Chris Porterfield is a songwriter, singer and guitarist in his chosen home of Milwaukee. His work showcases his idiosyncratic ideas of confessional folk music filtered through both classic and contemporary lenses.  He is best known for his project Field Report which has released four albums and toured all over the world with artists like Jeff Tweedy, Aimee Mann, Counting Crows and Emmylou Harris. 

Although Field Report’s latest release, Brake Light Red Tide, was released in April of 2020, the band is newly issuing forth a limited, vinyl version (pre-order a copy of the LP until January 15th, here). Hear more about that LP and hear solo renditions of the songs, themselves, on the 12th.

Join WMSE with Chris Porterfield on Tuesday, January 12th for Local/Live streaming live from The Ring. Watch at WMSE.org and on WMSE’s YouTube (through Roku), Vimeo and social media accounts or just listen live at 91.7 FM on your radio dial. It all goes down at the 6 o’clock hour.

Local/Live is presented by Third Space Brewing. “You have your home, you have your work, but everyone needs a third space.”

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