POSTED:: July 10, 2019

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Formed way back during the tail-end of the Clinton Administration, IfIHadAHiFi are a cyclonic morass of feedback, effects, dance beats, squall, and shout-along hooks. DrAwkward holds down the drums and vocals, MrAlarm punishes on bass, synth and vocals, YaleDelay squalls on guitar and vocals and RevEver wreaks havoc on guitar and synth.

The band has their newest release since 2012 – We’re Never Going Home – ready to meet the world. The album continues in the HiFi tradition of burying pop songs underneath layers of dissonance and volume. Touching on topics like space exploration, cryptozoology-as-religion, science denial, and your more, IfIHadAHiFi have taken a look at 2019 and are fairly sure we’ve gone through the looking glass, and not a single one of us are ever going home.

Tune into WMSE’s Local/Live on Tuesday, July 16th for a live set from iFiHadAHiFi before they never go home.  WMSE.org to stream live or in the archives or simply tune your radio to 91.7 FM at the 6 o’clock hour.

Local/Live on WMSE is sponsored by Club Garibaldi’s.

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