POSTED:: October 31, 2018

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Red Stuff started out as an instrumental 2 piece in the winter of 2007 comprised of Kelly Wanderer on electrified autoharp and Tom Wanderer on electric guitar.  This duo released a four-song 7” in the summer of 2008, but were eager to expand the group and the sound.

An early stint with drummer Peterson Kyuk-White got things off the ground, and his contributions to the Best Of Hot Rod Love LP and a handful of shows turned an esoteric musical project into a rock band.  Joe Scheltema took over on drums for a memorable summer that culminated in the Pagan Rock 10”.  After working with two drummers as many years, the current lineup was cemented in late 2011 with the addition of full time member Steve Tiber.

After almost five years of playing shows but failing to capture new material in a satisfactory recording, a spontaneous night of improvisation was released as the Woodfaces album.  Invigorated by this new approach, a long stalled record called Saccharine Underground was revived and completed.

More than a decade in, 2018 finds Red Stuff working more than ever.  The instrumentation often changes, and a song can come out of thin air or go nowhere at all, but the thread that brings it all together is the simple joy of playing in a band.

Tune into WMSE’s Local/Live on Tuesday, November 6th for a very special fall membership drive edition and hear the newest from Milwaukee’s Red Stuff. WMSE.org to stream live or in the archives or simply tune your radio to 91.7 FM at the 6 o’clock hour.

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