Local/Live: April 25 – the Fatty Acids


There comes a point in every long-running band’s career when listeners (and writers) start tossing around words like “veterans” and “fixtures.” Ready or not, The Fatty Acids have arrived at that point. Over the course of seven-plus years, three full-length albums, and an untold number of shows, the frantic and ebullient Fatties have become stalwart stars of a diverse and glowing Milwaukee music scene. Their confetti-cannon-combination of chaotic “scramble-pop” and psyched-out synth has made them local favorites ten times over. But The Fatties are far from grizzled vets. As evidenced by the first (double) single from their upcoming album, Dogs Of Entertainment, The Fatty Acids are as fresh as ever, and veteran status suits them just fine.

~Milwaukee Record

Tune into WMSE on Tuesday, April 25th to hear a live performance and interview from the Fatty Acids  in advance of their appearance at Arte Para Todos 2017 and hear songs from their recent Gloss Records release, Dogs of Entertainment — WMSE.org to stream live or in the archives, or simply tune your radio to 91.7 FM at the 6 o’clock hour.

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