Local/Live: February 11 – The Viper and His Famous Orchestra

Burdened with four strings and the truth, The Viper and His Famous Orchestra deliver a powerful blend of street-corner jazz, front-porch country, and meeting-hall agitprop. Their lineup includes the eponymous Viper on ukulele, Rob Henn on trombone, Riley Broach on upright bass, John Peacock on toy piano, stylophone, and melodica, and Edward Burch on suitcase.

Their millennial DIY sound frames The Viper’s well-crafted songs about love, theft, buildings, bus routes, life in the key of Bb, and the work of skiffle in an age of mechanical reproduction.






  1. Ryan Jerving

    Awesome time was had by all Vipers, so thanks to Erin and Cal. And thanks, especially, to Billy. I’ve listened to the performance and the sound/mix was really, really good. (And someone tell sweetCaptcha that acorns can make perfectly good guitar players.)