Local/Live: November 14 – Safari Al


Alexander Kollman (aka “Safari Al” or “s.al”) is “strangely unnerved by huge things, calling them sham. i make music that knows that even a little bit of knowledge can witness everything.”

“in order to gain my present standing in the Ruby Yacht Thieves Guild i had to cut off my ears.”

location: kenosha, wi / portland, me

Tune into WMSE on Tuesday, November 14th to listen to the newest songs from Safari Al (Stone School was just released earlier this summer) and songs yet to be released as he plays a live set on Local/Live — WMSE.org to stream live or in the archives, or simply tune your radio to 91.7 FM at the 6 o’clock hour.

Local/Live on WMSE is sponsored by Club Garibaldi’s.