Local/Live: October 22 – The Aimless Blades

POSTED:: October 15, 2013

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Every Tuesday at 8PM since February of 2005, WMSE has welcomed a Milwaukee-area artist into the Bob and Genie Friedman Live Performance Studio to perform a full set live on the airwaves, made possible by our amazing sound engineer Billy Cicerelli. The program includes a 20 – 25 minute live set, an interview with the performing artist and recorded music from other local artists.

Tuesday, October 22 – The Aimless Blades

Aimless-BladesSome bands get overly goofy with bios (yawn). Others construct REALLY serious manifestos (get over yourselves). The Aimless Blades prefer something in-between but off the map altogether – a straight-forward, no-nonsense description, but a straight-forward, no-nonsense description in verse with deadpan humor where it is subtle but appreciated by folks like radio station employees that read thousands of bios a year (thank you).

Two guitars, bass, drums and piano. Rock and roll.

Sometimes quiet and acoustic.
Other times loud and electric.
Sometimes the song is over and done.
Other times the song wants to go on for a while.

Some of us saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.
Some of us were at the forefront of Milwaukee punk.
Others of us have only been playing music for twenty plus years.

Influences include The Rolling Stones, The Velvet Underground, The Byrds, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Hank Williams, Bo Diddley.

Our cds have all been self recorded.
Our pace is glacial.
We continue to work on our next album, a few songs have already been released and played on radio including “Burning Up My Time”, “Same Old Street” and “Xmas in Soledad”.

Dan Patscot – guitar and vocals
Jill Kossoris – piano and vocals
Scott Krueger – bass and vocals
Blaine Schultz – guitar and vocals
Jim Richardson – drums and drums

(See also – Death, The Shivvers, The Orbits, In a Hot Coma, The Carolinas, The Lubricants, Mona Lisa Overdrive, Deadman’s Shoes, The Wrecking Yard)


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