Local/Live: September 16 – Absolutely

POSTED:: September 10, 2014

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Absolutely began writing and recording music in the middle months of 2009. It was an exciting time. The Great Recession was nearing its end. Money was practically raining from the bluest of skies. Not a cloud in sight. New instruments, new amplifiers. A fresh palette of contemporary rock songs. A minivan with room to spare. And the terra incognita of the Midwest…

Today, the various realities of modern life follow alongside the band, clinging on to their creative energies, guiding their imaginations to newer, more reliable rehearsal spaces.┬áIn the five years since its inception, Absolutely has taken into consideration several of the post-(genre)s that have come about throughout the last three decades of (un)popular music. In the end, Absolutely wishes only to be post-Absolutely, multivalent and pluralistic, something to bite one’s lip about…in an exultant, yet melancholy haze.







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