So Long, Lou


There have been countless Lou Reed articles, remembrances, tributes and comments these last 24 hours. Music fans, pop-culture writers, fashionistas, art critics and historians have all written, from their own perspective, pieces about how Lou Reed impacted culture on more levels than most songwriters, primarily because Lou was more than just a songwriter.

We don’t have a whole lot to add in words to what has already been written. What we do have are program hosts who might not be program hosts without Lou Reed’s contributions to American music history. DJs like Tom Wanderer, who has been so impacted by Lou Reed that Tom considers The Velvet Underground the greatest American rock band of all time. This belief led Tom to celebrate July 4th, 2013 with a 3-hour masterpiece show dedicated to The Velvet Underground and Lou Reed.

Listen to Tom Wanderer’s Velvet Underground Archive

Also, tune in today from 3pm – 6pm during The Rock Ride when Tom Crawford will be paying tribute to Lou.