Mac Lethal: Rhymes and Reason

David McCleary Sheldon (Mac Lethal) may have an acclaimed release on the famed  Minneapolis indie hip hop label called Rhymesayers (11:11) like label mate Brother Ali, but the connection ends there. Mac Lethal’s style is all his own, his homegrown, Midwestern-by-way-of-Kansas-City accent and unbarred geographical and personal culture expose makes for some unique composition.

Lethal fits unusual rhymes with this flavor into his brand of hip hop, drawing from the original idealogy of white boy rappers the Beastie Boys – a little flippancy, a little humor, but lots of skill. Tonight, Lethal makes his way to the Mad Planet, in the middle of his massive “Blood in The Heartland” tour, featuring Soulcrate MusicProf and Akream. To hear music by Mac Lethal, visit his MySpace page – check out YouTube for his videos. Each one is cleverly and slickly produced, but a bit on the unruly side (hence the links). Unruly Lethal may be, but that’s pretty much what puts the catchy in his choruses.

Mac Lethal will perform at the Mad Planet tonight with Soulcrate Music, Prof and Akream. 9 p.m. 21+