The Mad Bloggers Do MKE Hip Hop Justice

words by Ryan Schleicher

We’ve been hearing a lot about the state of hip-hop in Milwaukee recently. Instead of spinning those same wheels, we’ll just continue doing what we always do: spin it and support it, praise it, book it, partner with it and now, join forces with a blog with zero ties to Milwaukee to present a sweet mix of it.

If you’re not familiar with The Mad Bloggers, they are two East Coast (NY and CT) hip-hop diehards who do due diligence to the process of discovering and uncovering hip-hop on the rise. Recently they embarked on a series called “A Journey to Hip-Hop” – a new feature spotlighting a city/region’s hip-hop scene over the course of a month. They decided to dedicate the first series to Milwaukee. Why? In their own words, they had always been impressed with the lyrical emcees and talented producers that Milwaukee had to offer since stumbling on the city back in April of 2009.

The Mad Bloggers love Milwaukee, though they’ve never set foot within city limits or even in the state of Wisconsin. However, something about the hip-hop scene there had spoken to them.We’re honored to help present this compilation (actually two compilations because our city has too much talent for one CD) of Milwaukee’s best hip-hop. Again, from The Mad Bloggers:

The compilation will include the Lab PartnersKingHellBastardScott KnoxxKid MillionsMelissa CzarnikHouse of MYo-DotKa$hPropheticHaz SoloJC PoppeFrankie FlowersTaiyamo DenkuSignifDana CoppafeelA-Biz with production from Dylan ThomasAdlibEric MireDave DerrilyktTrellmatic and several more emcees and producers.

“While no list is ever complete and we’re sure we missed some artists with our compilation,” said Q of The Mad Bloggers, “we made a humble attempt to spotlight and feature as many artists as we could find and could find us. We hope we did the city’s hip-hop scene some justice.”

With so much music to share, “The Journey to Hip-Hop … Milwaukee” will be a two-volume compilation, dubbed “MKE’s Best, Draft” and “MKE’s Best, Light”. The compilation will be available for free download starting March 4, 2010.

The Mad Bloggers are right – no compilation is ever fully complete and there are certainly artists who could be included. But to answer their question, yeah, they did a damn fine job doing our city’s hip-hop scene justice.Thanks to Q and OC for recognizing and singing the praises of the talent Milwaukee is producing.