What can I do with my MyMSE account?


Supporting WMSE’s goal in bucking trends and the corporate sound has never been more simple with the MyMSE online interface. To donate and show your love of music, all you must do is log in and click the Make a Donation link at the top of the page.

Become a Sustaining Member

WMSE listeners who would like to take advantage of Sound Citizen Sustaining Member benefits like a signature membership card, and the ability to support WMSE monthly. Using your MyMSE account, you can start or increase your monthly contribution by logging in to their account and clicking the “Make a Donation” link at the top of the page.

Make the switch to Direct Donation!

Sustaining members who use Direct Donation (EFT/ACH) to make their monthly contribution help WMSE maximize their donation by reducing expenses associated with the processing of recurring credit card payments.

To switch your payment method to Direct Donation with your MyMSE account, under My Account, click View Current and Past Contributions, then click Change Method of Payment.  Select new or existing bank information for a monthly direct donation (EFT/ACH) and enter your checking or saving account information on the next page.

Generate your tax letter

Charitable gifts to WMSE 91.7 FM are tax deductible. Members who would like to print a receipt for tax purposes can do so by logging in to their MyMSE account and clicking the Tax Receipt link at the top of the page.

Change your contact information

WMSE members can change their credit card information, street address, phone number, and email address on file by logging in to their MyMSE member account and clicking the “Your Profile” button in the Membership Account Details section.

Submit feedback

WMSE members are always encouraged to share their opinions and insight. To submit feedback to WMSE, log in to your MyMSE account and click the Comment link at the top of the page.

How do I set up my MyMSE account?

Step 1: Click the MyMSE button on

Step 2: Click the “Sign up for an account” link on the login page.

Step 3: Fill out and submit the form. (Please make a note of your username will help avoid delays when accessing your account.)

**New MyMSE accounts can take up to 48 hours to be linked and approved.

How do I login to my MyMSE Account?

Step 1: Click the MyMSE button from any page on

Step 2: Enter you username and password then click the login button.

Note: Use the automated forgot password link if you do not remember your password. If you do not remember your username, please contact member services for assistance.

Who should I contact if I have questions about MyMSE?

Please contact WMSE Member Services if you have further questions about your WMSE account.

Phone: (414) 277-2221