The One Whose Name Cannot Be Spoken

Ontario’s Holy F*** probably make the loudest impression by their name, alone. For an instrumental/electronic-leaning band, they most-likely picked their names in hopes that it might inspire natural musical awe for their choice to not dabble in the usual laptop electronica their recordings suggest upon first-listen. To understand and be awed by the uniqueness of the band, one must see them perform live: two keyboardists/effects pedal manipulators, one bassist and one stellar drummer create, what on record, sounds like a myriad of computer bleeps and bloops.

Brian Borcherdt and Graham Walsh (the original duo of Holy F***) have been fronting this organic electronica movement since 2004 and have consequently won an admiring spot in indepent music-loving Candians’ hearts. The band has been nominated for several awards and has risen to fame, even participating in theMontreal Jazz Festival (Festival International de Jazz de Montreal), demonstrating that pop and rock is crossing boundaries now, more than ever before.

The band, now with Borcherdt, Walsh, Matt McQuaid and Matt Schulz have recently released Latin (Young Turks/XL) to critical acclaim. Glorious Noise states that “Holy F***’s [Latin] proves to be…an emotive electronic instrumental album that plays with such humanism that it should find its place on even the most anti-electronic listener’s playlist.” Sounds like the musical brains are winning over the traditionalists. Catch Holy F*** live, tonight at the Mad Planet (moved from Turner Hall Ballroom) as they play a 9 p.m. show with Nice Nice. Check out our story on Nice Nice, *here*.